Roadtrip South part 2

Let’s continue with part 2 of my road trip! We took these outfit pictures Saturday evening at the beach just next to our camping. We watched the sunset after taking pictures and it was absolutely breathtaking.

Looking at these pictures makes me looking forward to our next roadtrip, which I’m sure which will be very soon. After the sunset we got really hungry so we were trying to look up a good restaurant in the area. We followed the directions the iphone gave us, but the two options we had in the area were either closed or didn’t exist. At that point we started to realize we aren’t very experienced campers: everything in the area was closed and we had nothing but some crisps left to eat. We then decided to drive all the way to Busselton (half an hour drive), to go eat at Macdonalds. But then our normally very faithful iphone GPS directed us to the complete opposite direction, which means we drove far into the bush bush. Once we found out we went wrong we got pretty desperate (hungry!), haha. Funny enough, when we drove back to take the right road, we found a restaurant that was open. It was located in the middle of nowhere, so we were very lucky to find it. The food was great by the way.Around 10pm we were back at the camping and we got ready to go to bed. Ofcourse we first inspected the tent, after hearing a lot of horror stories about spiders and snakes. I didn’t sleep very good that night but our wakeup swim in the very early morning made up for it. We first went for some snorkeling, it’s just so amazing! When we were sitting at the beach a little while later, we noticed that some surfers were all looking at a particular direction. Suddenly we saw what they were looking at: dolphins! just a few meters away from the surfers, like they wanted to say hi. I tried to take pictures, but they were jumping in and out of the water too fast. After the morning swim we got ready to continue driving south, to the Margaret river region. I heard about “Redgate beach”, which is known to be an extraordinary beautiful beach and really a must-see. While driving there we first had lunch in the town of Margaret river and then we continued to Redgate beach. When we parked the car and I could see a glimpse of the beach, I knew it was worth it (see pictures 6 and 8). This  beach has clearest blue water you’ll ever see and the rocks surrounding the beach makes it a picture perfect. Oh, and we were walking down to enter the beach, we came across this sign  that really made us laugh (picture 6). Did anyone ever consider bringing a cat to the beach? hahaha. Such a useless sign. Anyway, we spend the rest of our day at this wonderful beach, challenging the massive waves. You can’t imagine how much power and how big those waves are: I’ve been thrown and rolled around by these waves like crazy. It was fun though!Around 4pm we started our drive back to Perth. While driving we were stopped once by emu’s crossing the road. I didn’t have time to grab my camera, but I managed to take pictures with my iphone. Find the picture on my instagram: @fashioncontainer. A little while after the emu experience we stopped to let a huge lizzard cross the road. Yep, plenty of wildlife here in Australia. Our first camping experience was definitely a succes. But, the next time we’ll make sure we have enough food with us in case we can’t find a place to eat, hehe. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my road trip.

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