Helicopter ride Niagara Falls

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is FLY.

Our team has been lucky enough to see some really, really incredible places from above by helicopter several times before. Twice New York, Once in London. This time: the Niagara Falls.

The Falls are situated a 1.5 hour drive from Toronto (our home base for the week), so it was very well worth a visit! The falls are right at the border with the US, which you can literally see on the other side of the bridge. The Niagara falls is the name for the three waterfalls they’re made up out: the Horseshoe falls, the American falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The latter which is most spectacular if you ask me.

While Niagara falls are absolutely breathtaking on ground level, from above they’re nothing short of magic. A SURREAL experience. When we flew right over the Bridal Veil Falls (second picture below), I almost felt like nature couldn’t impossibly have created something like this. Well, it did.

The trip with National Helicopters was suuuper smooth. You could barely feel the helicopter moving (which is a great thing for the nerves, let’s be honest ;)) and also great if you’re like us and have to take a zillion pictures.). On both sides of the helicopter, we had a little window open to take photos through. Only thing to be careful with is not to have your phone flying out of your hands what almost happened to me! We took a good 20 minute ride over the falls, river, the country side and then back to the base. Short, but oh so sweet and worth it.

If it makes me feel like I’m floating around in a dream, I want to do it again. Can’t wait for the next helicopter ride! Hopefully soon. But for now the first time back in the sky will be next week when we head back to Amsterdam with Jet Airways. Home is calling… but not for long.

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