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If there’s something I’ve been getting a lot of questions about ever since I started my blog, it will be about my hair routine. So, all the reasons to finally tell you everything about it. 
My hair routine is not much special to be honest. I don’t use a hairdryer, curler, straightener or anything. At least, not anymore. I’ve had some obsessive years where I didn’t allow one string of my hair to be curly, so I was straightening it all the time. Result: very ugly dead hair. Ever since I’ve embraced my curly hair and I have never used a straightener anymore. Let me take you through my super easy hair routine…
1 and 2: I use John Frieda shampoo for curly hair and Dove conditioner for coloured hair. I’ve tried pretty much anything, but the combination of these two is just great. The John Frieda shampoo for curly hair activates my curls and makes the hair frizzy free. The Dove condioner for coloured hair does a great job at moisturizing the hair. I believe that the one for coloured hair moisturizes a lot better than the one for normal hair. Oh, and very important: I always sleep with wet hair, for me it does miracles. Lot’s of volume, curls in great shape and it reduces the frizziness.
3: The Moroccan oil is probably the most important part of my hair routine. Without it, my hair easily looks dry and non-shiny. Seriously, once you try it you’re hooked. It really does miracles!
4: I use a bit John Frieda curl spray which is the supplement of the shampoo: it also activates the curls and makes me the curls look more “alive”.
5: I use some hairmousse from a random brand (I’m using Taft at the moment) to create some more volume and the finishing touch is some John Frieda “Secret Agent” crème. Instantly kills all the frizziness!
I hope you enjoyed this little hair routine post. What are your favorite hair products?
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Wow, you are beautiful, and your hair looks amazing! Definitely following, hope you stop by at my blog too 🙂

Mia :*

these are great tips, i try to limit the products i use as they often weigh my hair down, frizz ease always works so well though, love your hair 🙂 x

Hi Malena,
Thanks for sharing! I have naturally curly hair so frizz and bouncy curls are always a concern for me. Do you use the Moroccan oil, curl spray, mousse and Secret Agent creme on a daily basis, or do you alternate?

Kali Now Living

Yep, I use all of them on daily basis 🙂

You have lovely hair! Good post. i like your blog. What about following each other?

Your hair really is gorgeous!:) My hair is also curly and I’m always trying to improve my hair routine. At the moment I’m using the Garnier Fructis moisturizer for curly hair and I love it. I also like to sleep with my hair wet but it’s hard here in Ireland, so I use a diffuser. It makes my hair look amazing.
Thanks for sharing all your tips.;)
Diana from