Some new purchases and and some current favorites. I’m really into silver jewelry, strappy heels and anything beaded lately…

The weather has been horrible in Perth the past few days. Such a shame, because my family in law just came all the way from Lebanon where summer is at its top right now. Anyway, the rain was also a good excuse to explore all the shopping centre’s in Perth. Even though I told myself not to buy anything beforehand, we all know that it always turns out different. I happend to run into exactly those items that my closet was in desperate need of. Now you are probably wondering what are those. Well, I will tell you. I’m extemely picky when it comes to bags, so finding a replacement of this rather worn out Mango clutch is a torture. This structured, zipper detail clutch from Portmans was exactly what I was looking for (see 5th picture).
Furthermore I have found the perfect white sweater and a pair of black and white pants (something like this). Besides that, I also added another pair of strappy heels to my shoe collection. I can never have enough of those, the most versatile shoes ever. Oh, and let’s not forget about the gorgeous beaded clutch. What a beauty. Looking forwardt to pair it with a white lace dress and the heels pictured.
I also decided that it was time to get a new foundation. I have been using Maxfactor Xperience foundation for the last few years, but as I’m getting older, I thought it would be better to ‘upgrade’ my drug store foundation to something more expensive. Foundation is after all something you put on your skin every single day, so I want to make sure to give my skin the best. I heard a lot of good stories about the Dior nude foundation and after the lady in the departement store applied it on my skin, I knew it was the right choice.
Which of my buys do you love most? Did you do any shopping yourself lately?
What are you looking at?
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Forever New beaded clutch [also love this one]
Novo strappy heels [also love these]
Portmans clutch [similar here]
Sportsgirl necklace [similar here]
Valleygirl sunglasses [also love these]
Secrets of Asia earrings [also love these]
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