Sequin print

It’s pretty obvious: blue is the colour which I love wearing the most lately. Yep, I’m so guilty of buying too many blue garments. I simply couldn’t resist, because the print of this dress is so gorgeous.

We took these pictures last Saturday in Matilda bay, which is a 10 minute drive from my place. It’s a very unique place and I love going there to have a walk. It’s just so calm and relaxing. I really needed some time out, because the past week I’ve been stuck on my sofa for days. For some reason my foot got infected and it caused a whole lot of pain. Thankfully the swelling and pain both calmed down, so I’m feeling a lot better now. I spend my Saturday evening at home with my boyfriend and two of our friends, just having a chat and some drinks. Oh, and let’s not forget: enjoying the delicious chocolate cake my boyfriend made. He never baked anything before, but let’s hope that it will become his new hobby. Monday started with some good news by the way: H&M opens their first store in Australia in 2014. Most probably this H&M will be opened in the east coast, -a 4 hour flight from Perth-, but hey, at least we’re making some progress. I wish you a great beginning of the week and I hope you like the pictures.
Pictures by H. Mounzer
Zara dress, heels and bag, H&M necklace, Kmart watch
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