Gold Touch

This is what I wore yesterday, I hope you like my look. The shorts are new, really like the pattern and quality. Because I didn’t have a good white matching blouse, I decided to turn the shirt i’m wearing backwards, looks pretty good right? The other side has a lot of details, which I did not like in combination with the shorts.
As you may have noticed, i’m wearing these boots a lot, together with the black ones I have from Topshop. They are my favorites because they are very comfortable and they go with everything. I’m not doing much interesting last days, as i’m spending all my time studying. I have an exam monday, so I have to focus on that right now. In two months i’ll have (at least i hope!) my bachelor degree in law. Definitely looking forward to that.
  Ph. Tatiane Kozijn
Blazer Zara
Blouse Primark
Shorts Zara
Boots Sasha
Bag Zara
Belt Unknown shop
Ring and Bracelet H&M

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