So much love for this embroidered Isabel Marant inspired jacket. The perfect budget version if you don’t want to purchase the real deal. And speaking of designer inspired, this is not a real Balenciaga bag. I got this bag from VJ style and it looks better than I could ever expect for this price!

So, the Balenciaga city bag. My dream designer bag. Ok, after the Chanel 2.55 in black. Anyway, just wondering: would you be able to tell this isn’t a real Balenciaga, if I hadn’t told you?
Everything about this outfit just feels right for me, I almost feel like this outfit is screaming my name…
As I told you in my last post, I have developed a thing for jeans lately. Untill recently I literally didn’t own any denim jeans. That only changed because denim brand Mavi was kind enough to send me a few of their amazing jeans. This pair is from Asos and besides fitting like a glove it also has great ‘butt lifting’ capabilities.
Today I went for a shopping session in Harbourtown with my mom and sis in law. They arrived monday from Lebanon and will be staying with us in Perth untill the beginning of September. My daily activities the coming weeks will consist of lots of sightseeing (that’s never wrong in Western Australia), lots of shopping and lots of fun. Sounds good, right? 3 weeks off also means more time to work-out (have totally been neglecting the gym lately) and ofcourse more time to invest in my blog. I like that! Right now my boyfriend is preparing us a home made pizza while I’m updating my blog. Such a luxury…

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ASOS embroidered jacket
ASOS jeans
Pretty Little Thing sandals
VJ style bag
Sportsgirl necklace [ similar here ]
Sportsgirl rings [ similar here ]

Pictures by Hassan Mounzer
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