Beauty essentials

Finally found the perfect eyeshadow palette, so ofcourse I wanted to share it with you. I’ve been looking for a while now to find the right palette with neutral colours, so I was very glad when I ran into this Dr. Hauschka palette when I was buying some vitamin pills at the local drug store. After a quick try out to make sure the quality and pigmentation was good, I bought it. And no regrets, the first time I wore it, it was an extremely hot and sultry day which I spend on a terrace in the full sun, but when I came back home the eyeshadow was still perfectly in place. Another advantage: the make up of Dr. Hauschka is made with only natural ingredients. Can definitely recommend you this one!
In the last picture you see me with wearing the eyeshadow, I used only the two darkest colours. What do you think?


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