This is why it’s good to be single in your 20’s

…an article coming from someone who has been in 2 long relationships from age 16 until 25 and now spend her first year ever completely….alone. So I guess that makes me an expert at the topic 😉

Here’s one thing I believe: if you’ve never felt completely, entirely, utterly comfortable and happy being on your own, you won’t find someone who’s really right for you. Because you’d never know for sure if you picked someone because the thought of being alone frightens you.

So what has being single taught me?

Getting to know ME

When you’re constantly being influenced by someone else’s wishes, preferences and opinions it’s easy to forget what YOU stand for. I’m sure many of us have once been in a relationship where we suddenly stopped and asked ourselves: but what do I really think? How do I really feel? Spending time alone is great to explore what you stand for and believe in.

Being open to people

When you’re in a relationship, you naturally keep your distance to guys. But as it turns out, you miss out on so much when doing so. After all, not every guy wants something from you and you don’t want something from every guy you socialze with. Does that sentence even make sense? Either way, being single simply allows you to be friends and socialize with whoever which is GREAT.

Invest in your friends

We can deny it, but it’s true. When we’re in relationships we don’t invest as much in our friendships. So. Stupid. Being single will push you to spend more time with your girlfriends and this will totally enrich your life. More fun, more laughter, more conversations, more learning. Life as it’s supposed to be.

You can always do the ‘grown up life’ later…

When you’re in relationship it’s easy to sneak into that grown up routine of staying home and no longer making the effort to go out. Of course at times that can be great! But the truth is that with doing so, you miss out on a lot. Go to that party, join that dinner with friends, book a spontaneous trip!

Finding happiness within

Cheesy, but true! It’s hard to define exactly how, but it seems a human tendency to think that being in a relationship frees us from the responsibility of finding happiness within. Being single pushes you to learn this in no other way!

…and then when you’ve learnt all those lessons, are comfortable on your own, know who you are and feel like you can breathe again you might be ready for something new. Who knows.

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