Food & Drinks Hotspots in Tel Aviv

We had heard lots of good things about Tel Aviv’s food scene before our arrival, but little did we know HOW good it really would be! We had the pleasure of experiencing some of Tel Aviv’s top restaurants and here’s which ones we loved most.

Herbert Samuel

The location of this restaurant is probably one of the best! Right on the promenade opposite the sea set in a spectacular interior. But wait, now we’ve only spoken about the location and ambiance. The food and drinks are even more impressive! Arty appetizers full of different, exciting flavours, cocktails that go by the name of ‘Mahatma spice’ (a must try by the way) and dishes that embody both elements of the Mediterranean as Asian cuisine. There’s a ‘dinner table’ set up around a U-vorm bar as well as your classic tables, but we personally loved dining at the bar, one of the reasons being the interaction with the cool bar staff and being able to socialize with the guests sitting besides us. It really felt much like a cozy family dinner, only then with people we didn’t know upon entering. Great, great vibe and great food!

Where? 6 Koifman St, Tel Aviv


Herbert Samuel Herzliya (kosher restaurant)

Of course we couldn’t come to Israel without learning what eating kosher is all about. I personally only knew little about it, but one of the things proven tricky in restaurant culture is that meat can’t be mixed with dairy. We had a meeting with the PR manager of the Ritz Carlton (where the kosher Herbert Samuel restaurant is located) and loved learning everything about the ingredients. We tried out the tomato salad that the restaurant is renowned for, had a taste of the gnocchi and the skewered beef fillet. And 101 other things we don’t remember the names of but were equally delicious. The first and foremost thing we loved is that the ingredients were just all so full of flavour and the dishes were surprisingly light on the stomach. Highly, highly recommended.

Where? 4 Hashunit St, Herzliya


Nisha 166

We had a big night with a little sleep, a day of hard work and both of us were feeling a little…out of energy. So what do you need when you feel like this? Lots of veggies! We stopped by this place by surprise while walking down on Dizengoff avenue nearby our hotel and it was a great decision. Order the Market salad with Safad cheese and Eggplant brushetta as starters. Oh, and let’s not forget the white sangria and cheese cake as dessert. Truly heavenly. Not that that’s necessarily something to beat the hangover/lack of sleep…but still. Very cool, helpful staff too. I was cold and one of the waitresses borrowed me her jacket. Well, if that isn’t service?

Where? Dizengoff st 166


Messa Restaurant

According to the internet, this is the place where the presidents dine. In fact, Sarkozy has been dining here several months ago and there’s actually a chocolate dessert dedicated to his name. Cool! The all white interior with long tables and candles is nothing short of magic and makes for a very, very luxurious and elegant atmosphere. We adored every course, my personal favourite being the beef fillet in chestnut & balsamic stock. Great thing about eating at Messa? There’s a really cool bar too, so after dinner and dessert you can go out dancing at the spot.

Where? HaArba’a street 19


Sidewalk café

The holy grail of brunch has been found! If only we had a place like this in Amsterdam too. We got recommend to go for brunch by the lovely staff at Dizengoff avenue hotel (this place was just across the road for us) and my oh my, am I happy that we went here. Delicious and fresh! Plus, they do great coffee too. The staff is very attentive too. Only compliments.

Where? Dizengoff 130, Tel Aviv

Old Man and the Sea

Situated in the old port of Jaffa, this is the perfect spot to go for dinner after a day of wandering Jaffa’s historical town. The menu includes a selection of fresh salads and great seafood. A classic that’s really worth a visit!

Where? Hanger 1, Jaffa port


Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn


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