Food & Drinks Hotspots in Tel Aviv

We had heard lots of good things about Tel Aviv’s food scene before our arrival, but little did we know HOW good it really would be! We had the pleasure of experiencing some of Tel Aviv’s top restaurants and here’s which ones we loved most.

Herbert Samuel

The location of this restaurant is probably one of the best! Right on the promenade opposite the sea set in a spectacular interior. But wait, now we’ve only spoken about the location and ambiance. The food and drinks are even more impressive! Arty appetizers full of different, exciting flavours, cocktails that go by the name of ‘Mahatma spice’ (a must try by the way) and dishes that embody both elements of the Mediterranean as Asian cuisine. There’s a ‘dinner table’ set up around a U-vorm bar as well as your classic tables, but we personally loved dining at the bar, one of the reasons being the interaction with the cool bar staff and being able to socialize with the guests sitting besides us. It really felt much like a cozy family dinner, only then with people we didn’t know upon entering. Great, great vibe and great food!

Where? 6 Koifman St, Tel Aviv

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn

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