Fine Luxury at the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel in Lisbon

Ever since the FashionContainer team kicked off the exciting journey of featuring luxury and boutique hotels at the destinations we visit, we’ve wanted to experience one particular name. We’re super excited to finally tick off this hotel from our bucket list! Welcome to the world of the Four Seasons.

The Big Entrance

Doormen wearing fancy tweed suits and hats, having the door opened for you, entering an enormous lobby decorated with beautiful flower arrangements and having friendly staff greeting you from the moment you step in. This has to be the Four Seasons! A good first impression always sticks.

Luxury at its finest

With a fine art work collection, luxurious spa, fitness centre, a gorgeous swimming pool a dining area with garden terrace, you could say that the Four Seasons meets all expectations of a luxury hotel. When someone from the friendly staff showed us around in the hotel, we were blown away by the fitness centre situated on the rooftop of the hotel. There’s even a running track outside with 360 degree views over Lisbon. Who wouldn’t want to work out like this? On the first floor you can find the swimming pool with the most relaxing ambiance. We absolutely loved taking a few laps here to kick start our day.

The room

‘Meeting’ our new home for the next few days is always an exciting moment for us. Sliding in the card, opening the door… and there it is! A wonderfully spacey room with all amenities you could possibly wish for. Comfortable king size bed which you disappear in, a big bathroom with two sinks that comes in perfectly handy with two girls that both carry with them a kilo of shampoo, make-up and what not. Plus, you can get ready in the bathroom at the same time. Definitely a plus if you’d have seen our packed schedule from early morning until night. We also loved the fact that not long after we arrived to our room, we received a knock on the door and a complete tea party was brought into our room. Yay!

Good, Better, Best, Four Seasons.

It’s easy to get used to the luxury hotels we’ve been fortunate to experience in recent months, that’s why we always make it our mission to find what makes the hotel in question stand out. In the case of the Four Seasons in Lisbon, that definitely was the running track on the rooftop of the hotel, the heavenly soft slippers (remember: luxury is in the little things!) and breakfast at a level that leaves you speechless. When I say anything is possible, it really is. From special request green juices to a banana milkshake with cinnamon (I overheard someone ordering this) or Nutella waffles. We found our heaven and we’re not ever leaving again. Kind of.


We’ve always heard great things about Four Season hotels that we were fascinated to experience it for ourselves. And yes, we totally understand the fuss now! It’s heavenly.

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What I’m Wearing: Oasis embroidered dress, DVF heels (similar here), Michael Kors watch

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn
Location: Four Seasons Ritz Hotel, Lisbon

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