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 Whether on purpose or coincindental, for some reason I always seem to chase down the designer look-a-like items. I thought it would be nice to share my finds with you, so here we go…

The Asos Isabel Marant inspired jacket  pictured below actually inspired me to write this post. I came across it a few months ago, but my size was unfortunately already sold out at that stage. Considering my love for statement jackets, see for example here and here, I felt so bad for missing out on this piece of amazingness. Surprisingly enough, when I was browsing on Asos today, I bumped into it! Apparently it has been restocked, so I immediately clicked it home.

Another great find is this Topshop bag which shape-wise a lot similar to the gorgeous black Givenchy pictured above. This bag is such a classic. It’s appropriate for everyday use but yet it has a very chic look. I think the Topshop one absolutely has a little bit of the Givenchy charm, but the bags material is less  rich than the Givenchy one.The Balenciaga sandals (seen below) have been on my wishlist since a while, but are unfortunately way over my budget. This pair of River Island sandals definitely resembles the Balenciaga ones somewhat. However, I do think that Balenciaga’s signature stud buttons look so much better. I have got a huge crush one these Balenciaga wedges as well. Aren’t they perfect?And last but not least, Christopher Kane vs Topshop. Gosh, these camo print skirts are just to die for, don’t you think? I actually prefer the Topshop one over Christopher Kane. Love that print just a little more and the slight longer back is a beautiful detail.

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