Tie Dye

Tie Dye, gotta love this trend. Whether it’s a top, a pair of jeans or a dress, it instantly creates such a cool look. Tie Dye garments in bright colours might look a little hippie, but this pair of jeans has more of an urban look.

Besides this pair of jeans, I also own a Tie Dye sweater which you see me wearing here.
With only two or three months of “winter” in Australia, I try to take advantage of the cooler weather as much as possible. Fashion wise this means wearing jeans, boots and layered outfits. The winter weather also has some other advantages, for example being able to sit outside in the sun without feeling like you are frying. I had lunch in town with a friend yesterday and we recalled how unique it is to be able to sit in the bright sun and actually enjoy it.
Mango jacket (similar here)
Dotti sweater (similar here)
Zara bag (similar here)

Pictures by Hassan Mounzer

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