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There’s a first time for everything. In this case, the ‘first time’ relates to staying at a Leading Hotels of the World hotel. That’s exciting because the name suggests that it has to be quite something! Let’s go and find out for ourselves.

Last leg of the trip, 2 nights at Hotel Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden. We once again arrived late at night, because we spent most of the day out on the road exploring Teide National Park. Luckily for us, our guide dropped us off at our new and last temporary home with our luggage. Speaking of service.

What do you fancy?

The first things that meet the eye in Hotel Botanico is the luxurious interior. From the almost velvet like red carpets to the spiral staircase that looks spectacular looking from the highest floor down, both of which you can see for yourself in the below pictures. Something else that really makes the hotel stand out is its setting in a beautiful botanic garden. It’s not often you find hotel grounds that are so welcoming to make a little morning walk in! From feeding the coi carps and observing tropical birds, we thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful things the garden had to offer.

The oriental spa garden

The spa at hotel Botanico is a special one! It’s located in the gardens of the hotel and is impressive not only by looks but also by the great variety of therapies of well being and facilities offered in the centre. Our favourite part was the outside area of the spa where you find a large heated pool and a jacuzzi into a cave for ultimate relaxation. There are beds laid out around the pool in the garden and it’s simply the most relaxing, calm environment to enjoy yourself for a day. The Thai inspired interiors and features only add to the charm!

The room

From our room on the 2nd floor we had a beautiful balcony view over the pool and garden. Beautiful, large room with an even better bathroom and a platter of fresh fruit to welcome us. The only downside? We really struggled with wi-fi reception. The only spot where we had a bit of reception was on the balcony, making it hard for us to stay on top of our work. The advantage? Instead of attempting to reply to emails, I went to have a bath instead.

Getting lost at breakfast

It’s not often you feel like you can get lost at the breakfast buffet. The selection at Hotel Botanico is so extensive that sometimes you don’t know where to look. In a good way! In our experience the big buffets often compromise on quality (because it’s hard to keep absolutely everything exceptional), but we were impressed with Hotel Botanico’s selection and great quality. From the sweet little pastries to on demand pancakes, selection of cold meats and cheeses, fresh fruit: it was all equally great. The only thing coffee lovers like us would have like to see is a more sophisticated coffee machine.

Time to go home

The end of the Tenerife journey came way too soon. We loved finishing our stay in Tenerife at Hotel Botanico with some relaxing in the spa, eating way too much at breakfast (so good!), and playing a game of billiards in the library. Oh, and to answer the question what our first time staying at a Leading Hotels of the World hotel was like? It tastes like more. So let’s see what 2016 brings.

What I’m Wearing: Jennyfer white blouse, Oasis skirt, Zara heels (similar here), Asos bag, Michael Kors watch

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn
Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands

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