5 Ways to Improve your Instagram

This day and age just about anyone has an Instagram account. So I guess you do too! Whether you share pictures for fun or for business (or both), improving your insta feed is never a bad idea. Do you ever wonder how people pull off those perfect shots and feed? Then you might want to read these tips.

1. It’s all about the camera!

Sure, the quality of many smart phones these days is pretty impressive. BUT. Nothing beats a real camera. The pixels, the frame and the light to name a few things, almost always look better on a camera. Preferably a DLSR! There are also camera’s available that have wi-fi, meaning that you can send a great shot straight from your camera to your phone. Meanwhile the FashionContainer team still does it old skool by uploading pictures to google drive in order to download them on our phone.

2. Keep the goal in mind

Instagram basically is a photo time line. People follow you because they recognize themselves in you or want to dream away by looking at your snaps and stories. Even though a good picture should speak for itself, before posting keep in mind the story you want to tell. When you post random photos unrelated with what you’re doing right now, what you want to communicate, your followers will feel this and engage less.

3. Edit Photos

A little bit of editing works wonders! Afterlight or VSCO cam (both are free apps) have beautiful, natural effects and makes your picture come out just a more polished, clean and sharp. Just be careful to not overdo it though. Nobody likes photos with weird, unnatural looking colours.

4. Be original

100 photos of you and your dog are all fun and games, but do your followers find it interesting? Try to be original and vary in the kind of pictures you post. Challenge yourself and make taking an interesting shot a daily habit! In this oversaturated blogger world it’s really easy to be influenced by what other people are doing, but keep asking yourself what it is that YOU love or what sets you apart.

5. Stick to your style

Even though it’s important to be original (see previous point), do keep in mind that people follow you for a reason and thus being somewhat predictable is key. Always post pictures that are close to your style, after all this is why your followers follow YOU.

Good luck keeping up the Insta feed and let us know if these tips are helpful. Do you enjoy Instagram?

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn

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