5 Sunglasses for different face shapes

YOLO. So you better get yourself some nice sunglasses. For me personally, sunglasses are so much more than just protection from the sun. They’re my best friend when I have tired eyes after a long flight, they’re my partner in crime to hide a hangover and last but not least…a really fun sidekick for my daily outfits. 

Today I’m sharing my 5 favourite, different sunglasses for different face shapes. Here we go.


1 Statement sunnies

I never knew that a pair of statement sunnies like these from Karen Walker could be so versatile (see cover photo). Yes, they’re a little expensive. I even lied to my then boyfriend when he asked how much they were. Anyway, I still wear them almost weekly after 3 years so I’d say that these sunnies are well worth the investment. Plus for their statement shape they’re surprisingly face-friendly and also a great accessory to funk up an outfit.

SHOP | Karen Walker ‘number one’ 

2 Round Round

I’ve only started wearing round shaped sunglasses recently and while they’re certainly not as versatile as the aviator or my Karen Walker statement sunnies, they’re fun! The tricky thing about small, round frames is that they can come across a little….silly? costume like? John Lennon? Not sure what’s the right phrasing, but I love these round sunnies from Jeepers Peepers nevertheless. A great choice to give a casual outfit a fun twist. This style is probably not the best for my face type, but I imagine it would look great on people with a more angular face.

SHOP | Jeepers Peepers 


3. the Wayfarer

Can it get any more classic than the Rayban wayfarer? probably not. The wayfarer is one of those shapes I believe look good on literally everyone, making them an absolute must-have in your sunnies collection this summer. I love wearing mine with feminine outfits to ‘cool up’ the outfit a little.

SHOP | Rayban wayfarer


4. Cat Eye

Nothing more sophisticated than the cat eye! These are from Asos and have the ability to pull an outfit from ‘okay’ to ‘super duper sophisticated’ within seconds. Yep, the charm of the cat eye! Good thing is also that they look good on any face shape in my point of view. A combo I love? red lips with cat eye sunnies! so classy.

SHOP | Cat eye


5. Go crazy

Like I mentioned at the start of this post, to me sunglasses are also an accessory to bring out an unexpected twist in a look or just add that ‘WTF’ factor. Sometimes that’s a good thing, believe me! Mirror sunnies with a bright colour and a crazy shape are one of those accessories one just has to have, even if it were just to take a great selfie. No regrets.

SHOP | Go crazy


Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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