Morning coffee run’s in Amsterdam

Well, if you’re wondering what my typical morning at home in Amsterdam looks like; this would be it. Early morning coffee run, a quiet beginning of the day, looking pretty in bed with a magazine.

Actually I’m kidding. My typical morning when I’m not travelling looks much more boring than this, but I can guarantee that they do involve a lot of coffee. Like a LOT. Even though we’ve mostly been travelling in Europe in recent months (and blaming your tired state on jetlag is out of the question), I’m exhausted I return home every time.

I fell in love with the soft floral print of these s. Oliver trousers since I first saw them and styled them with a white tunic with cute crochet details at the hem. If you’ve been checking out my Instagram lately (@fashioncontainer), you know we partnered up with s.Oliver for their Model Star competition. What does this mean? Basically YOU can WIN a modelling contract plus a photo shoot in the fall edition of s.Oliver’s fashion magazine. The magazine will be published in 30+ countries so get ready to have your moment of fame. Convinced yet? Take part in the competition by following this link.

Good luck! I hope you like these pictures & don’t forget to scroll all the way down to get the outfit details. 

What I’m Wearing: s. Oliver floral trousers, s. Oliver crochet tunic, Michael Kors watch, MAC lady danger lipstick, Oasis fringe bag, Jennyfer sneakers

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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