You again!

Yep, there is the turquoise crochet skirt making its way to the blog again. I guess the people who have been following my blog since a while know how much I love this skirt. For the ones who don’t know, check out for example herehere and here other looks featuring this turquoise beauty.
As I told you in yesterdays post, I had the official openingsparty of the store where I work today and I can tell you, it was so much fun!  I’ll tell (and show!) you everything about it in tomorrows post, so stay tuned. It’s so incredibly hot here in Perth today, it must be around 35 degrees or something. After the openingsparty I went to have a coffee with a friend and then I went back to the store to help out the girls with cleaning up the leftovers of the party. I’m pretty exhausted right now, but ofcourse I always have a little energy left to update my beloved blog ;). Thank you for being such great followers, seeing my blow growing everyday is a great pleasure!

Pictures by H. Mounzer

Zara blouse and skirt
Sportsgirl heels
Mango bag
Diva watch
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