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DAY look: ASOS tribal jacket, Topshop ripped denim shorts, Topshop leopard sandals, Topshop fringe top, ASOS cateye sunnies, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, ASOS purse
Some trends are my cup of tea, some I  randomly hate, and there are a few that I’m just absolutely in love with. The tribal trend would be in the last category. My personal style involves a lot of bright colours and prints, so tribal can’t do no wrong with me.

I’m totally aware of the fact that today’s picks don’t seem very season appropriate considering the fact that Australia is in the middle of winter, but the great weather and the summer sale going on in the high street online stores such as ASOS and Topshop makes me unable to resist.
Growing up in the Netherlands, we could go out bare legged for only two months a year, if we are lucky. Australian winters, or at least in Perth, are the actually the same as a West European summer. Ever since I live here, my summer and winter wardrobe are basically the same. The only difference is that I will add a jacket when I go out bare legged during the winter months. That said, you probably understand that my blog  has become pretty season neutral when it comes to outfits and how to wear posts!
Today’s picks involve one of the hottest trends at the moment: tribal. I decided to create two looks (day and night) around this pretty ASOS jacket, because I think a lot of people love jackets like this, but don’t know how to wear them. Colour and prints can indeed be tricky, that’s why I made these collages to give you an idea.
DAY look (see above):
Denim is my  favorite to-go pick to pair bright jackets, I love the ripped details on the pair of Topshop shorts as pictured. The shorts and jacket look great with a white fringe top, because tops like that fit into the ‘tribal’ theme very well.
Ofcourse you can match the jacket with colours as well. But, be careful when pairing bright jackets with colour. Either the top or shorts/jeans/skirt have to be in a neutral shade. Grey, navy or white, for example. Sticking to that rule, there is little chance you will go wrong.
 I think this look would be awesome to wear to a festival or in town. Or maybe to the beach, but then leave the expensive Marc by Marc Jacobs at home, lol.
NIGHT look (see below):
Jackets like this are not only appropriate for casual day outfits, but can easily worn in a more dressed up look as well. I opted for a navy bodycon dress, which is great to show off your curves and paired with the jacket it gives a more playful vibe. Some duo-tone killer heels (haleluja, love them!) and cool accessories finish off the look. I have seriously been craving the pictured ASOS necklace for months, and as it’s finally on Sale, I might as well get it, right?
Alternative ways of creating an evening look involving this jacket, are for example with a silk dress in a pastel turquoise or pink shade. A white waist skirt paired with a silver loose metallic top (see shoe strap colour), would be a good option as well.
NIGHT look: ASOS tribal jacket, Topshop bodycon dress, ASOS heels, ASOS necklace, Topshop purse, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch.

My Tribal looks:

Both of my outfits(see below) wearing the tribal jackets are quite classic. I obviously went for safe, only matching the jackets with neutral colours. However, I did wear both jackets in more adventurous ways as well. I wore the green/yellow jacket for example with a striped top and I once paired the blue jacket with gold jeans, see this look.

What do you think about the Tribal trend? 
Do you have any Tribal items in your closet?

Find the outfit post here

Find the outfit post here

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