#TravelWithJetAirways to Hong Kong

Another adventure with Jet Airways, this time to exciting Hong Kong! We had heard a lot of good things about the city, but weren’t quite prepared of HOW good it would actually be.

The Jet Airways experience
But first: departure! We flew from Amsterdam via Mumbai to Hong Kong premier class. And that is oh so comfy, I can tell you. It starts with a glass of champagne on board and excellent service throughout the flight, but it doesn’t end there. Upon arrival in Mumbai (where we have to catch our connecting flight), we’re being awaited by a Jet Airways staff member who helped us get through security and to our gate as quick and smooth as possible. At an airport as big and overwhelming as Mumbai, that definitely is a big plus! The continuation of our flight was super smooth and both of us spent it re-charging, watching movies and doing a bit of work. All with a side of delicious foods and drinks, ofcourse. The way back from Hong Kong to Amsterdam was a night flight and once again: great service. We received our very own pyjama and toiletteries and the stewardess even made my ‘bed’ as I went to brush my teeth in the bathroom. I mean, if that isn’t service! I don’t remember much else of the flight, only that I slept all the way through until 1 hour before arrival when I was woken up for breakfast. If that isn’t smooth travelleling, than I don’t know what is.

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It was absolutely FANTASTIC! If you have an opportunity to visit this city, DO! And always take as much time here that you can permit. Because honestly, you’ll need it. Soak up the nightlife, enjoy the vibrant food scene and culture: Hong Kong is THE place to be. Okay, can we live here?

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