5 Things to do in Berlin

Have you read our previous post about the ways to experience Milan as a local? Today we’ll be highlighting Things to do in Berlin and we hope you’re as excited as we are! I guess we all know that Berlin is the capital of Germany and in case you didn’t you know it now.

Berlin is known for being divided both physically and politically for many years: east and west. The city has a lot of history to discover and learn about, which makes it a great place to explore for a couple of days. Berlin offers much more than just interesting history though! Do you want to read everything about what you should be doing on your next Berlin trip? Then read on.

1. Berlin step by step bighlight

Sure, this might sound a little cliché, but with a city like Berlin you can’t get around to seeing all the hotspots! The Berlin Step by Step highlight tour (click on the blue link above to view) will take you to the Brandenburg gate, Reichstag building and the Holocaust memorial; which is very impressive. This walking tour takes a good 3 hours, so put on those comfy sneakers and leave your high heels at home.

2. Street art & Berlijn B side

Berlin doesn’t just have impressive buildings and a vibrant history. There’s also a lot of modern day street art to explore! And no, we’re not talking about just a random piece of graffiti, but actual art. Street art in Berlin is like nowhere else and really something you can’t miss. If you like taking photos like we do, this is also a superb location for a fashion shoot!

3. Cook your German Dinner

Yes, yes it’s no secret. The Fashioncontainer team loves food. The one thing that we probably love most when travelling is exploring the local cuisine. Maybe it’s because the Dutch kitchen is not very exciting, so when we’re abroad we always just have to make the most of it.

4. Cultural History tour Berlin

A must have when in Berlin! When thinking of Germany and Berlin, we first and foremost tend to think about the war, but there’s so much more to discover. This tour takes you to the Berlin wall and lets you explore the difference between the east and west part of the city. From the buildings to the atmosphere, the people: it’s so different. An experience to never forget!

5. Thai Yoga Massage

City trips involve lots of walking and that’s why a little relaxation sometimes is in place. If you follow FashionContainer, you know that we’re constantly flying from one place to another and we really should be treating ourselves to a massage more often. Do you want to take a breather from exploring the city? Then relax with a Thai Yoga Massage! Escaping to a different world for 1.5 hours. Sounds good to us.

To learn more about these Berlin activities, simply click on the blue “Things to do in Berlin” link to explore!

What do you like doing most on a city trip? Looking forward to hear all about it in the comments below!

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