The Music Garden in Aria Hotel Budapest

From the moment we entered the Aria Hotel in Budapest, we were blown away by the cool interior, fine design and impressed how everything from the Bogányi piano to the use of colour and furniture has been carefully coordinated. The music garden is the ultimate “welcome home” haven and how could we not use this once in a lifetime spot to take some photos. Let me show you around in the beautiful music garden…

Wearing: Necessary Clothing dress, Zara heels (similar here), Prüne clutch purchased in Argentina (similar here), Michael Kors watch, Gold necklace gifted (similar here), MAC Lady Danger lipstick

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The Music Garden is basically a glass-enclosed courtyard in the center of the hotel. It’s what you see when you first enter and it’s also the place to have breakfast and where tot enjoy late afternoon complimentary cheese and wine, which Tatiane and I of course thankfully enjoyed. The Music Garden is the ultimate spot to socialize with other guests and we found the atmosphere so incredibly easy going and friendly. The Aria hotel Budapest doesn’t host the least of names, as when we were there Peggy Rockefeller happened to stay in the suite next to us. TED talks were held in Budapest from June 21st and some of its speakers stayed in the Aria Hotel. We were impressed! Some people even asked myself and Tatiane if we were there for the TED talks. Well no, but maybe one day in the future ;). Perhaps my favourite part of the the Music Garden is the fact that the ceiling is made from glass and allows you to look all the way up to the sophisticated architecture of the building and definitely creates that relaxing and airy feel you’ll love when sitting down for a drink at the end of the day.

The incredibly Bogányi piano grabbed our attention from the first moment. This sophisticated piece of art has been designed by Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi. Now I have to admit that I’m not exactly to be considered a musical person, but the Bogányi piano worked its magic on me. I have a great appreciation for fine design and this piano is breath taking. The Bogányi piano is known to have the clearest and most premium quality possible. Both Tatiane and I didn’t dare to play during the day with other guests around, but late at night returning from dinner and drinks we both had our try in company of one of the friendly doormen…

So back to these photos. The way Tatiane and I work together is pretty incredible. When she gives directions like “lay on the floor” or “put your feet up in the air”, I simply follow up and do what she says because I trust her eye and vision so much. For someone who isn’t exactly comfortable having all eyes on her, it took me some time to be comfortable with this. Somehow shooting with Tatiane has a calming effect on me that even the weirdest moves don’t feel weird. Quite impressive, because on a scale from 1 to 10, I’d say laying on a the floor of a hotel lobby with people walking by non-strop should be at least be at an awkwardness level of 8.

I’m wearing a very simply but elegant dress that hits the right spot. Perfect for a night out with dinner and drinks in a beautiful wine bar, like we did that night. I love the nonchalant yet polished draping of the dress and the smooth velvet look of the fabric is the cherry on the cake. This is the kind of outfit, dress and strappy heels, I always bring with me when going away for a trip. A black midi dress just always works and the same counts for two-strap black heeled sandals.

Want to see myself and Tatiane take you around for a tour in the Aria Hotel Budapest? Check out our video on the Click Travel Go Youtube channel.

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Wearing: Necessary Clothing dress, Zara heels (similar here), Prüne clutch purchased in Argentina (similar here), Michael Kors watch, Gold necklace gifted (similar here), MAC Lady Danger lipstick

Pictures by Tatiane Kozijn

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