the BEST of 2012

Bye bye 2012, this year has definitely been a special one to me. It has been my first year of blogging, it has been the year I’ve achieved my bachelor degree in law and most of all, it has been the year that I’ve made the big move to Australia to live with my boyfriend. Let me take you through the hightlights of my first year of blogging…
Oh, and let’s not forget: my first magazine feature in Fashionista (a Dutch fashion magazine),which was a dream come true. So cool  and unreal to see your own face in a magazine…
WOW! making this post made me feel great. It makes me realize how much I’ve accomplished this year blog wise (I started my blog at the 7th of january 2012). My personal style has been developed more and more and the outfit pictures on the blog are finally on the level I’ve always wanted them to be. Big thanks to my boyfriend who is always taking my pictures! Hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you a very happy new year.
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