Soft Strappy Leather

One of the fun things of moving abroad is discovering the fashion hotspots of your new city. Thanks to a friend who told me about this place, I ended up yesterday in a shoppingcentre called ‘Harbourtown’ which is close to Perth city and has only outletshops of all kinds of amazing brands.
How excited were I to see that my new favorite shoe brand (since I moved here) had an outlet store as well: Nine West. Wow! it was seriously like heaven: the most amazing shoes for such a sweet price. Also ran into my dreambag in a store called ‘Mimco’, but I’ll wait a couple of weeks to see if the price will go down more, hehe. The lady in Nine West told me that new stuff is coming in every week, so Harbourtown is definitely a spot that I’ll bring a visit every once in a while.

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