Silver Vibe

A treasure from my closet, unworn for too many months. I guess it was about time to wear this stunning silver cardigan again. I love how its loose fit tones down the flashy silver colour. One of those items you just have to re-wear and re-wear…

We drove to a cute, quiet harbour not far from my home where we shot these pictures. Coping with some very, very bright sun as you might notice, but I absolutely love the charming look of the jetty and boats. I always prefer shooting my outfits at somewhat quiet places without  too many staring people, so this place was perfect. Would love to shoot in the middle of the city centre more often, which we did for this outfit, but it’s kind of awkward to feel people staring and turning around. Guess I have to gain some more courage or perhaps take a vodka shot before shooting to loosen up? lol. Does any of my fellow bloggers feel me?
Anyway, now about the outfit. I’m wearing something very casual and simple, but yet a combo that suits my personal style perfectly. I reckon outfits consisting of different textures (see jeans and cardigan), always guarantee an interesting look. I’m wearing another jeans from Mavi as part of our collab and I really adore its subtle flower pattern and burgundy colour. You can find my other outfit post wearing Mavi jeans here. Their jeans are by the way the most comfy one’s I have ever worn. It actually almost feels like you are wearing PJs! Jeans that look super flattering and are at the same time comfy. What does one wants more?

Pictures by H. Mounzer
H&M trend cardigan, Mavi jeans, Zara blouse (similar here), Zara heels (similar here or here), Zara bag (similar here), Michael Kors watch

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