While this outfit appears to be a two-piece, an asymetric skirt and a cutwork top, this is actually a dress. And not just a dress, a stunning one in my point of view.

This dress is obviously quite body hugging, more than it looks like on the ASOS model wearing it.

With some dresses or skirts, I’m in between sizes (either 8 or 10), but nevertheless I always opt for size 8. Especially with dresses like this, I think a lot of its charm will disappear when it’s too loose around the waist and behind. I definitely consider this dress as another Sale succes story and I’m sure I will have many occasions coming up to wear it. Twice a year I allow myself to do some excessive shopping and I honestly never regret it the tiniest bit…
Along with Sale shopping, I also purchased a new lens for my camera last weekend. I’m so excited about the result of the pictures my boyfriend and I shot with it. It’s a Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM lens and according to my first impression, I can highly recommend it. These outfit pictures are shot with the new lens, so judge for yourself. It’s nice to see how my blog is evolving, from crap quality pictures at the very beginning to photography that’s only getting better and better. It reminds me of a quote that I highly appreciate:“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”. I started my blog with a simple Canon G11 camera and a tiny monthly budget to buy clothes…

 Pictures by Hassan Mounzer
ASOS dress, Zara bag (similar here), ASOS heels, Dotti sunglasses (similar here), Silver cuff bought in Lebanon (similar here or here)

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