Look I love: Classic with edge

In general, I don’t like outfits which are too obvious. There has to be something interesting, something that captures your attention. The above combination, in my point of view is an example of such an outfit. I would say that it’s a mix of classic and edgy. The fitted black and white dress vs the transparent bag. The biker jacket vs the lacquer heels. Oh, and don’t you just adore that necklace?Guys, I’ve just been so busy last days and I feel like I’m abandoning my dear blog. I have to say, I really start to love my new job and I’m so excited to show you everything about it. I’ve made some pretty awesome photographs of the store where I work and I’ll be happy to share them with you. Talk soon, because I’ve plenty of material that has to be shown at the blog!3.1 Phillip lim bag and dress
Topshop studded biker jacket

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