For some reason, most retailers seem to think the shorter the leather skirt, the better. Well, no. Finding a leather skirt with a decent length seemed mission impossible, untill I ran into this piece. Despite the instant love, I didn’t purchase it because of the price. Turned out to be a good decision, because when I looked up the skirt again after a few days, the price went down about $75. Ha! I like that.

Since a few months I’m basically doing all my shopping online. Why? well, I just miss the European clothing chains a lot. Their collections are a lot more on trend and the price/quality balance is better than in most Australian stores as well. Being able to purchase at least River IslandWarehouse and Vila online is a lifesaver. Over the past few months I have learnt perfectly how to pick the right size whilst online shopping. I know, it can be tricky! It’s all about knowing your body and taking a close look at the garments fabric.
 Tops and dresses for me are easy, I always go for a size 8. Jackets are a little bit trickier: I have got a long upper body, so when I go for a size 8 it’s sometimes a little short on me. And then shorts, skirts and jeans. I’m in between a size 8 and 10 in the hips area. Before deciding on the size, I take a close look at the garment and its fabric. Will it stretch? Would I like this skirt to be very fitted, or would I not mind if it would be slight loose? When I purchased this skirt for example, I knew it would stretch. That’s why I opted for a size 8. However, with the skirt I’m wearing today, I wasn’t sure. It’s leather and it has a zip closure on the back. Moreover, I kept in mind that I wanted to wear this skirt with a top or sweater tucked in. Based on that, I went for a size 10. So yeah, that’s quite the trick for me when it comes to online shopping. Do you have any tricks, when it comes to picking the right size whilst shopping online?
Pictures by Hassan Mounzer
Wearing: Asos topAsos skirtAsos heels, Sportsgirl necklace (similar here), Portmans bag (similar here), Michael Kors watch, Sportsgirl rings (similar here).

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