Gold Spikes

Had a great day yesterday, went to town and was very pleasantly surprised by the shops! I did some shopping research before I came here (have to do that ofcourse as a fashion lover ;)), and I was shocked to find out that there is no H&M, Zara, Mango or Topshop in Perth.
Knowing this, I bought a lot of stuff at Zara Sale to compromise the fact that I’ll be having to live without my favourite shop. Thankfully, today I found out that there are actually A LOT of nice shops here with collections which are definitely my taste. Bought a beautiful striped skirt in Sale and a tiny cross necklace. It seems like we have great weather today, so we’re off to see the kangaroos and koala’s. Exciting!


Jacket Random Leather Shop
Blouse Zara
Skirt Mango
Bag Zara
Jewellery H&M

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