Roadtrip Beauty

Here is a selection of pictures made during my roadtrip which I really love and I ofcourse wanted to share with you. This country has so many beautiful colours and landscapes that I’m sure you’ll find nowhere else in the world.
Although I’m here already two months, I’m still making photo’s of everything I see non-stop. Beauty in general has always intrigued me, which also explains my love for nature besides fashion.
Hope you like the pictures.
What are you looking at?
1. While taking a short break of driving we took some pictures and they turned out amazing because of the beautiful colours.(Sunset was starting)
2. Posing at an empty road
3. Warning! Kangaroos crossing…
4. Kangaroo? no, guys, it’s just me. Love the empty roads here, sometimes you can drive for hours and not see any other car passing. These empty roads give such a freedom feeling. Imagine us driving 140 km speed with superloud music and the windows wide open…
5. A picture made by the boyfriend, a dog fighting the waves.
6. Me, wavy hair and my favorite leather jacket.
7. Seagle conspiracy.
8. Love this picture. It looks so natural even though I’m posing ;).
9. Birds flying over us in Mandurah.
10. Supercute young bird that wasn’t afraid of us at all. 
11. I could even touch him!
12. Birdfight. 
13. Funny enough, after we left the bird at his spot, he followed us.  Seems like he wants to ask: whatsup, are you not gonna give me any food?!

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