Just giving you a glimpse of yesterdays outfit with my new blouse. Unfortunately I was unable to take proper outfit shots due to heavy rain all day so instead I took some pictures in front of my clean wall in the new house.
Today I went with a friend to a big mall where I bought stuff I need for the new house such as a vacuum cleaner, a toaster, bins and a lot of other things. We are able to move to the new house right now, but as internet is not installed yet, I prefer staying here a couple of more days because the idea of not having internet kinda scares me. Friday we’ll be moving for sure and if we don’t have internet till then, the café with free WiFi a couple of meters from my place will be my new home. Enjoy your day, I’m off to the kitchen to get something to eat because I’m starving.
Jacket Zara
Blouse Sportsgirl
Bag Zara
Ring Secrets of Asia

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