How to run your blog like a PRO

It’s unbelievable how many people have a blog these days! If you’re in it for the business rather than just a hobby, continuously improving yourself is a must to remain in the game. And guess what? today we’re discussing what are the best ways to do this.


With everything you put out in the world, whether that concerns the post you publish or the emails you send, you have to ask yourself “does this fit with the vision that I’m trying to communicate with my blog”? Never stop asking yourself what your story is, how you want to brand yourself and what exactly you desire to create.

Goals: short and long term

Goals are a tricky matter. If you don’t have them for your business, it’s easy to go all over the place. If you do have them, it can be frustrating when you don’t book progress quick enough. Either way, having goals is an absolute must and helps you to stay focussed. When there’s no goals, it’s virtually impossible to ‘work towards something’ because you don’t know what that something is. Make sense? Having goals isn’t just a must for yourself as business owner, but it also keeps your employees motivated. Be careful to always divide your goals between the long term and short term goals!


One of the key things in order to book progress for your blog is to keep the new ideas coming and to re-consider ideas that didn’t work out immediately. Much of how we’ve booked progress with FashionContainer has everything to do with so called ‘raw diamond ideas’ that turned into perfectly polished plans after lots of tweaking and changing.

Watch the competition

Observing what your competition does is never a bad idea, but don’t lose yourself in it and keep enough distance. It’s all a game and you just have to play it better than the rest! Learn from what other people in the bizz do, take the ideas with you and then turn it into your own BETTER version. That’s the attitude.

Stay close to yourself

By staying close to yourself in everything you do, your audience and the people you work with naturally will feel more connected to you and how easier everything you do becomes. This doesn’t mean you don’t have tot work hard, it simply means you stand so much stronger by doing what you do best.

We’re looking forward to hear your thoughts on this! Share below.

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