Get your Ruffles on

You know that feeling when you put the items you’ve just purchased together and suddenly an ah-mazing combo forms itself? love it when that happens.

This ruffle skirt ticks all the right boxes. It has volume in the right places and hugs the hips perfectly. I initially purchased to wear it with a black lace top for a Christmas party or a night out, but as I couldn’t wait for the right occasion to come along, I decided create a more day-appropriate look with my brand new NYC tee. How come it’s so hard to find good basics? I’ve barely taken this tee off since it arrived last week and don’t get how I could have lived without it.
This is going to be my second Christmas in Australia -without family- and it feels just as strange as it felt last year. The hot summer weather and not having relatives around don’t exactly get me into the spirit I guess. Oh well, I guess moving abroad brings both good and bad things. This year I’m going to spend my Christmas as untraditional as it can possibly get: I’m going on a camping trip with my boyfriend a few hours down on our beautiful West-coast. Can’t wait to enjoy a week of peace and quiet, beach and barbeques. Different doesn’t have to be bad! What are your plans for Christmas?
Pictures by Hassan Mounzer

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