Camel & Quad

Quad biking and camel riding in the desert. The best things in one day!

A pick up at our hotel and a 40 minute drive later we arrived at the Dunes and Desert site from where we kicked off all the fun. The journey from Marrakech to the site is a pleasant one, because the views of for example palm grove where we pass right through is stunning.

In real Moroccan style, it’s first tea time upon arrival! The sweet Moroccan mint tea is something I could easily drink any hour of the day and will never get tired of. After a quick explanation about the day ahead of us, it’s time to meet our camels. Luckily for us, this is the second time we meet (and ride) these lovely creatures, so no more nervousness! The camel trek takes us through the desert (not the sandy kind like the Sahara though, but still absolutely stunning), where we stop at a pretty palm grove to take some pictures and enjoy the locals singing along the way. Fun thing? 2 baby camels who are still in training ran along with our group the entire ride. So. Adorable. Seriously there are no words to express the level of cuteness.

A camel trek is not complete without a break with…. snacks and tea! We stop at a half-covered tent with comfy pillows for a breather. The Moroccan pancakes with sesame seeds and honey are to die for and between myself and Tatiane we finish an entire plate. Oops. Time to continue the ride! But not before taking a couple of #selfies with the camels first.

I told you this day is full of action? When we arrive back at the site, we get straight to business and listen to all the instructions for our first quad ride ever. How exciting! I felt a little nervous, but luckily it turned out a lot easier than expected. Plus, we were accompanied with a guide who we can ask for help or tips at all times. After a brief instruction and a little test ride, we first stopped for lunch before the real deal begins. The lamb tagine with potatoes along with a fresh salad make for perfect fuel for the action filled afternoon that’s ahead of us. Plus, we were in great company! (see pictures below)

After the quad biking experience I can say this: nothing so liberating as crossing full speed through the desert with nothing around you but desert, blue skies and the occasional flock of sheep. A beautiful experience became even more beautiful when we stopped at a small berber village where we got an actual home tour, meet the family and see how carpets are being hand-made. Oh, and when you look at the pictures below, please don’t judge the red socks I’m wearing! I had to wear them to protect my legs from the quad’s motor heat. You should have seen my legs by the end of the day: half of them were red like a lobster from getting sunburnt, while the other part looked… white. Very white. OOPS!

A really awesome day that’s very, very much recommend for the perfect dose of action, local experiences, fun and incredible sights. You’ll love it as much as we did! A big thank you to Dunes & Desert for having us & hopefully see you soon.

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