Nothing better than shooting a blue flowy skirt with the backdrop of Perth’s gorgeous City Beach. Do you remember my previous outfit wearing this skirt?

My lastest closet crush is this blue colour block bag. I hear you thinking, is it a Céline bag? Nope guys, I can’t afford that (not yet).  I received this gorgeous bag last week from VJ style and I can only say good things about the quality and the fast delivery. I know there is always discussion whether designer ‘knock offs‘ are wrong or right. Well, here is my opinion. As long as you don’t pretend it’s a real one and the website selling it doesn’t do that either, there is no harm. Knock offs have actually  become a widespread accepted  phenomenon, as all big high street stores are doing it these days…
That said, I am just absolutely crazy about the outfit I’m wearing. I seriously wouldn’t mind wearing this everyday for the next week (if that was socially accepted). The silver strappy heels I received in collaboration with Pretty Little Thing, an online store selling the coolest statement pieces. More on Fashioncontainer about this collab soon.
Today I feel exhausted and excited at the same time. Three weeks off, new plans, new projects and a whole lot of things to look forward to. What are your plans for the weekend?
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Sesfashions skirt (similar here)
Zara top (similar here)
Zara blazer (similar here or here)
Primark belt
 Pictures by Hassan Mounzer

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