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To me, a denim shirt is the ultimate staple item one can have in its wardrobe. Whether it’s paired with a bright skirt, a pair of leather pants or worn unbuttoned over a maxi dress. Everything is possible.

So today I’m wearing this orange baroque skirt again. The last time I wore it -find the post here I went for a bit of an unconventional print clash: stripes and bright baroque. Some combo’s you never expect to work out well untill you try it on.
Today’s outfit is a very clean and simple one, no accessories needed. I’m a big fan of this look myself, but my boyfriend wasn’t very fond of this style at all. Oh well, we can not always please the men, can we?
Mood at the moment: uninspired and bored. That’s not so good, I know. I think I will spend the rest of my day organizing my closet and cleaning up the rest of the home. My lovely family in law is coming over monday and I ofcourse want them to believe that our place is always that neat and tidy ;).
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H&M denim shirt (similar here)
Zara bag (similar here)

 Pictures by Hassan Mounzer


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