I hope you guys all had a wonderful christmas. I had a great day, but it wasn’t exactly the traditional christmas atmosphere. I went to the beach with my boyfriend, we brought some food and drinks and that’s how we spend the day. The road trip that we planned on making is not going to work out for now, because all campings are full.
Bad timing I guess. Too bad, but instead we’re planning to make a few day trips with friends. Today it’s Boxingday, -something I’ve never heard of since a few days ago- which is basically the day that kicks off Sale season and most stores have some good discounts. I went to a big shopping centre with friends today, but the stores were extremely busy and the items I was waiting for to be discounted were unfortunately still the same price. I did buy some new MAC makeup and a skirt though. And YES, a big H&M & Mango order is soon coming its way to Australia as my sweet mom is gonna send it over to me. Thank god for that, because Australia is so bloody expensive and the clothes are really not as good as in Europe.

So what do you think about the pictures? We took these in our street in front of a cute old car which has been in the same spot for months. At the moment I don’t feel very inspired fashion wise, I don’t know if it has to do with my wardrobe or with the bloody hot weather but I hope it will change soon. A trip to a fashionable city would definitely be welcome. Anyone wants to offer me a free trip to New York?

Pictures by H. Mounzer

H&M trend shirt and skirt
Zara heels and bag
Valley Girl necklace
Casio watch

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