The Benefits of travelling with Carry-on luggage only

…are there any? A year ago we would have disagreed, but things have changed now. In recent months we’ve been travelling a lot in Europe, often only for a couple of days at a time. Checking in luggage on European flights is sometimes half the price of the flight, so another reason to WORK that carry on luggage. Aside from saving money, here are the other benefits:

1. No excess of kilo’s

Let’s be honest here: when you have a 25 kilo allowance it’s so tempting to fill up your suitcase with a zillion “but I might need this” items. Which never really turns out to be the case, but there you are, dragging along half your life for a few days in Prague. With carry on luggage you’ll never have this problem because you simply don’t have the space.

2. Flexible

In a hurry on the airport? Running straight to a meeting after landing? Not a problem if you only have carry on luggage. YES to flexibility and freedom 🙂

3. You always know what to wear

…because your limited luggage has forced you to pre-plan every outfit you’ll be wearing during your stay. Saves so much time in the morning when getting ready!

4. Boosts your creativity

Because you want to get everything in that carry on luggage, you’ve gained some serious packing skills and techniques. From the ‘I roll my clothing’ to the ‘bag in bag’ technique and whatever else there is to learn about maximizing luggage space. New levels of efficiency and creativity guaranteed.

5. No waiting

The very best thing about travelling with carry on luggage only? Getting out of the plane leaving immediately without having to wait for your luggage. Or having to worry whether your suitcase arrived or not.

So can we agree travelling with hand luggage ain’t that bad at all? Do you have any genius packing tricks you want to share?

Thanks Tumi for our new suitcases. #PerfectingTheJourney in Marrakech.

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