A Local’s guide on what to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam. Home sweet home. How come that we never appreciate the city we live in as much as the tourists who visit it would? One of the most frequently asked questions we get at the FashionContainer HQ from readers is: what do locals do in Amsterdam? Today we’re spilling the secrets.

1. ‘Hang’ at the canals
Yes, that’s a thing. There’s no city in the world that even compares to the beautiful sights we’ve got in the heart of Amsterdam. Simply bring your own bottle of wine (don’t forget plastic cups!), sit down, enjoy the nice weather and watch the boats passing by. Dutch people are always in for “gezelligheid” (which means something like having a good time, but different), so it’s pretty likely you’ll find yourself hanging out at the canals until the early hours.

Anywhere at the Prinsengracht.

2. White Label Baby

I’m a massive coffee lover and one of my favourite things to do is trying out as many coffee places as possible. If I put this way, it’s pretty safe to say that coffee is actually a hobby of mine. Our personal favourite at the FashionContainer office is White Label. Why? The atmosphere is super relaxed, they serve some FINE coffee and it’s the perfect spot for both working and socializing with friends. It’s situated in a neighbourhood that isn’t touristy at all, which totally adds up to the real “Amsterdam experience”.

Jan Evertsenstraat 136
1056 EK Amsterdam

3. Vondelpark

Amsterdam knows many, many parks and while all are great to hang out and chill, Vondelpark is the biggest and probably the most fun one of all. During summer evenings you’ll find many people barbecuing, making music, playing sports, having drinks. Really fun ambiance that you have to experience!

Nearby Leidseplein

4. Shotjesbar Chupito

My personal preference when it comes to going out is the kind of places where music isn’t too loud so you can always comfortable chat and…chill! But hey, sometimes it’s fun to go to a place you wouldn’t normally go. The “Shotjes bar” What? It’s a bar specialized in –I’m sure you could already guess- doing shots. Not your regular shots, but the really cool kind complete with fire, marshmallows (?) and all other kinds of weird stuff that I don’t know the name of. If you want to party, continue to the Social Club, where house music is spinning until the early morning. Not in the mood for a big party? Go to cocktail bar Njoy at the Leidseplein. A bit pricey, but they make some great specialty cocktails and the atmosphere is nice.


Shotjes bar Chupitos
Zieseniskade 25

Chicago social club
Leidseplein 12

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 93

5. FoodHallen

The concept of the “Foodhallen” is FUN and very tasty. The cool indoor hall offers lots of international foods, drinks, snacks and what not. A great place to go and try out different foods, socialize with friends and just enjoy the cool, laid back atmosphere. It’s indoor, so even on the days that Amsterdam weather can’t make up its mind (too often, if you ask me), this is one of my favourite places to hang out.

Bellamyplein 51

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