7 reasons to start blogging

In the last few Blog Tips series on FashionContainer I have focused on mostly practical tips, from SEO tips to advice on growing your blog audience, but today I’m talking about the reasons to start blogging. I’ve been blogging myself for about 2.5 years and there’s so much more to it than you’d think in the first place! 

1. Having a blog is much like having an online diary (ok, minus the too private details). It encourages you to put your thoughts and feelings in words, which can be so refreshing and even therapeutic at times.

2. Blogging helps developing your writing skills.  Having good writing skills is beneficial for anyone, whether you’re a student or working an office job. For myself, it helped me a lot with my English too. I really feel like the more you practice, the easier it becomes. 

3. Building an online presence can never be overrated in today’s digital era. If you’re thinking to start your own business some day, having a place and an audience already is an enormous plus and can proof incredibly beneficial.

4. In the process of building an online presence you’ll gain a great understanding of many online concepts that are only going to be increasingly important in the years to come. I’m talking about knowing basic html, SEO, having an understanding of social media from a business perspective and knowing how to interact with an audience.

4. It’s like an online portfolio and it demonstrates to future employers that you’re able to commit to something. If you’re interested in any kind of fashion job, whether that’s an editor, buyer or designer, having a blog is almost a must these days.

5. Network building. Having a blog opens a lot of doors. At events you’ll meet many like-minded people and some of them will even become friends. You’re also establishing relationships digitally with brands, companies, pr agencies, all of which are extremely valuable.

6. A very random comparison, but if you’d ask me what’s harder: getting a law degree or running a blog as business, it would definitely be the latter. My point with saying this is that for getting a degree there’s a formula, if you complete step A to Z, you succeed. However, for transforming a blog into a smooth running business there isn’t such a formula and it involves a lot of trial and error along the way. I honestly couldn’t think of a project that has helped me develop more, both as a person and as a professional. It helped me focus, stimulate my creative side and gave me the ability to oversee and add structure to projects.

7. It holds a mirror and builds confidence. Seeing people respond to your articles, stories and sense of style positively can really have a great impact on how you feel about yourself. On the other side, it also encourages you to accept your personal flaws and insecurities (you see your own face and body all the time!) and it helps recognize and change annoying parts of your personality. For example, the way you respond to criticism and negative comments or how well you handle stress (constant multi-tasking is challenging). Yeez. Putting it like this makes it sound like having a blog is the solution to everything. Obviously it isn’t, but I guess you feel where I’m coming from.

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