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Hi everyone! Because I’ve been blogging for quite some time now and I get lots of questions from my readers lately, I figured it’s the perfect time for a Q&A. So, leave your fashion/blogging/personal questions in the comment form below and I will try to answer all your questions in the next blogpost. Looking forward to read your questions!

Here the answers to your questions. Hope you like it!
What is your favorite thing about blogging? What is the best lesson that blogging has taught you?
My favorite thing about blogging is to be able to share my style with my readers and to be able to show parts of my personal life. In fact, having a blog is similar to having a diary. I find blogging a really fun way to communicate with the world and to show who you are. The best lesson that blogging taught me is to care less what other people think of me and to be comfortable with who I am and what I wear. Having a blog means that you really expose yourself to the world and that’s a bit scary.
Why did you move from Holland to Australia?
I moved to Australia to live with my boyfriend who found a job here. You can read the full story here
What were the things you missed most when you left Holland?
Missing your friends and family is really hard to begin with. But, moving abroad isn’t just about missing the people you left behind. The hardest part is probably to create a new routine, make new friends; moving abroad basically means you’ve to create a new life starting from zero. I’ve really struggled with finding a new routine and it’s still hard but it’s getting better every week.
Holland or Australia? What’s your favorite country?
I love both ofcourse ;). Both countries have their advantages and disadvantages. The climate here in Australia is just so much better, it’s warm and sunny every day and I’m living close to the beach. What’s good about Holland is its smallness: you can just take the train and within an hour you’re at another side of the country. In Australia you’ve to take a plane for 4 hours to go from east to west and Australia is just so far from everywhere.
What’s your hair care routine?
I don’t do much about my hair, as it’s naturally curly. However, there are couple of things that are very important for my hair to look in good shape. First of all, I always go to sleep with wet hair, because it gives my hair the best curls and volume. I use the John Frieda shampoo/conditioner/spray for curly hair which works really well for me. Also indispensable is Maroccan Oil (Argan oil), which makes my hair soft, shiny and in great condition. As the finishing touch I use a bit of hairmousse from a random brand.
How much money are you spending on shopping each month?
It varies a lot! I’m really a low budget shopper though :). I love outlet shoppingcentres: good quality for very sweet prices.

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