Step it up

How is your weekend going so far? Mine is very quiet. It was a rainy day so I just stayed inside watching some series. I’ve been addicted to Gossip Girl lately. Started watching the first season last week and I’m currently almost at the end of season 2.
I’m the kinda person that when something is very popular -series, a movie or a book- I refuse to watch/read it because everyone else already is.
 The jacket I’m wearing is from sheinside, which has a long story. To summarize: I’ve been waiting for it for over 2 months to arrive and the jacket is not even the same quality as what the picture shows on the website. While the picture shows a thick, suede jacket, in real life it’s actually made of super thin and crappy fabric. What a disapointment! What are your experiences with sheinside? I’m pretty sure I’ll never order anything anymore…

Pictures by H. Mounzer

Sheinside jacket
Portmans dress
Sportsgirl bag and eye bracelet
Saba heels
Diva watch

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