An outfitpost as promised. I took these pics a week ago when I took a little break from studying and went for drinks with a friend. The view at the riverside with the skyline of my city at the background looks pretty good, right?
I’m wearing a new Zara blouse which I bought in Sale and the Nelly shoes I showed you before. Like the outfit?
Now I’m going to continue packing (I still have a lot of stuff to sort out, in other words: a lot of clothes to sort out). It’s expensive to send stuff to Australia, -€60 for 10 kilo-, so I only want to bring the things with me that I really love. My friends are lucky, because right now they can do free shopping from my closet ;). Later today two friends are coming to pick some clothes and tonight I’ll have dinner and drinks in town with friends, it will be fun. I hope the weather will be better tonight, because right now it’s raining like hell and I would like to go with bare legs…


  Ph. Tatiane Kozijn
Blouse Zara
Shorts H&M
Heels Nelly
Clutch Mango
Belt Mango

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