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Cookies, check. Coffee, check. I always need at least one of those to be able to write a blog post. Again a colourful outfit as you can see, this time with my new green sequins top which I am madly in love with at the moment. Saturday I’m going to Bali for a week and today I’m going to start packing my suitcase which is going to take quite some time because when I go on holiday I always like to “plan” my outfits from before. I guess the trips me and my best friend made over the years has taught me a lot about holiday packing.
Two unorganized messes as we were, we brought at least 30 kg each for a couple of days London and the amount of clothes and shoes spread all over our apartment in Portugal made the cleaning ladies afraid. Besides the fact that it’s such a loss of money to pay for exceeding the maximum kg allowance everytime you travel, it’s just simply annoying to waste precious holiday time on deciding what to wear. So, for those reasons I plan my outfits! Did I convince you? I’m going to town later today to buy a new bikini and this evening our soccer competition is going to start. Me, my boyfriend and a couple of friends formed a team and every week we’ll play with another team in a nearby sports center, how exciting is that. Hope we’ll not make fools of ourselves tonight, fingers crossed!

Pictures by H. Mounzer

Dotti sequins top
H&M skirt
Rubi heels
Mango clutch
Diva watch

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