Photo Diary

Photo diaries: it’s something I believe I should do a lot more at the blog. These are some pictures which show you what I’ve been up to the last weeks.

I have my Canon 600D for about six months now and I really can’t live without it anymore. It’s my boyfriend who knows more about photography (he learned a lot about it since he started taking pictures for my blog), but I start to learn more and more about it myself as well. I really enjoy creating some beautiful pictures for my blog, like the make-up essentials post I made a few days ago or just random things which I come across when I’m outside. The pictures below are a mix between instagram and canon pictures, hope you’ll enjoy!
 What are you looking at?
1. Photo which belongs to this outfit post / 2. Pelican on a street light. Love these creatures, they are so beautiful / 3, 7, 10 Photo’s which belong to this outfit post / 4. Sal y Limon bangles which I received last week / 5. Do you see the pelican on the street light? / 6. Tree next to the riverside / 8. City view from the car / 9. At the beach with my mirror sunnies / 11. Beautiful sky / 12. My boyfriend captured this pink parrot today while walking along swan river / 13. Wearing my boyfriends cap to protect myself against the strong sun / 14. Kingspark, love that place / 15. Outfit at the beach last weekend / 16. I made American pancakes last weekend. They were delicious! / 17. City view from Kingspark / 18. Beach with friends during the easter weekend /
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