On the edge

Yep, this coat is pretty similar to the one I wore here, but I simply couldn’t resist getting both (Thank you Sheinside).
Because of the hot weater the last weeks, I didn’t get much chance to wear anything more than a pair of shorts and a light shirt, so I haven’t used my coats a lot yet. Fortunately I’m going to Europe in a month which will give me plenty of occassions to wear them. Today I’m getting ready for this weekend’s roadtrip with my boyfriend. It’s the first time we’re going to camp. A few weeks ago, we bought everything we need. A tent (obviously), chairs, a table, an airbed. I’m looking forward to it very much, because the area were we’re going seems amazing. Google the names “Yallingup” and “Margaret river”, trust me, you’ll be amazed. It seems like we planned this roadtrip at the right time because the weather forecast in Perth this weekend is about 40 degrees (Bluh, way too hot!). Down south where we are going, it’s always a bit cooler thankfully. If you want to stay updated during my road trip, don’t forget to follow me at Instagram. Find me at username Fashioncontainer. 

 Pictures by H. Mounzer

Sheinside coat
Zara dress and bag
Nine West heels
Rubi necklace
Chic a booti sunglasses
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