Oh, happy day!

 As the title already tells: I’m very happy today! Wake up this morning feeling the urge to clean the whole house, so that’s exactly what I did. Then, I took my laptop to go to one of my favourite coffee places to do some blog related work, but unfortunately wifi didn’t work properly.
(Welcome to Australia, in general the internet sucks here), luckily we managed to have very fast internet at home. So, here comes the good news… when I went back home, I checked my mailbox as usual when I’m expecting a package. I found a note that my box from Holland arrived and ofcourse I rushed myself to the post office to collect it. Seriously, I went wild when I was finally home to open it up. My dream jacket is in there, so that explains a lot. Besides that, it consists of some other beautiful clothes which a Dutch webshop sent to me and I will show you very soon an outfit with. And… a game is in it which my boyfriend and me are addicted to. I don’t know if it’s something Dutch, but it’s called ‘rummikub’ and I think it’s a lot of fun. We played it a lot during winter and I was always winning, hehe. So, let the competitions begin. Besides that, we are planning a really fun trip this weekend and today I’ve been busy with figuring out what we are going to visit exactly and I can tell you it’s a-ma-zing.

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