Introducing Sportsgirl


Another difficult part of moving abroad except missing your friends and family and being on your own is to find a new routine, including your shopping routine. In my case, I didn’t know any of the shops they have here in Australia, so I had to figure out which shops suit my style the best and one of them – which I discovered so far- is Sportsgirl. For me Sportsgirl reminds me a lot of H&M and Zara. It’s more expensive than H&M, but the clothes they sell are mostly of a beautiful quality and their collections are very aware of current trends. See above a couple of my favorites of this season. I especially want to have the colourful print dress, I really love it. Furthermore, I love ALL the accessories they sell there. It’s seriously crazy good and in my country I never saw a shop with better accessories than at Sportsgirl. Oh, funny fact: the other day I saw a newsreader on the TV wearing the silver statement necklace.
For my non-Australian readers: Sportsgirl also has a webshop and delivers worldwide:
For my Australian readers: Would you recommend me any shops? (I live in Perth)

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