7 Instagram Accounts you should follow right now

Oh, Instagram. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of scrolling down your Insta feed at least half an hour before getting out of bed in the morning. Since most of us are spending so much time on the app anyway, you can better do it right, no? Today I’m sharing my current favourite Instagram accounts that are a mix between fashion, food and travel which also happen to be my 3 biggest passions in life. Coincidence or not?

I would highly recommend you NOT to check out Karen’s insta feed when you’re hungry because my my, you’ll see some amazing things come by. Secretsquirrelfood is all about making clean and healthy eating fun and you”ll know that she succeeded at that mission if you take a glimpse at her account. Karen resides in Dubai and besides yummy food photos and recipes she also regularly shares breathtaking shots of her home town. Like this one, for example.


2. Walkinwonderland

This girl has style! Her clean, fuss free approach to fashion and beautiful setting of her photos make this account a must follow. I love how Sheryl incorporates denim in many of her outfits, but never fails to look different each time. She lives in oh so beautiful Los Angeles so following her also allows you to have a glimpse in that beuatiful Cali lifestyle that I’m sure many of you are obsessed with just like me.


3. Wishwishwish

The perfectly curated Instagram feed from personal style blogger Carrie is a mix between lifestyle shots, outfits and anything floral. My personal favourite part of her insta feed is the #fromwhereistand and flatlay photos she posts. I love the girly, pink-ish and happy vibe of her feed.


4. Ascia_AKF

This turban wearing, social media wonder and super stylish gal from Kuwait does everything right in my point of view. Besides the fact that she has the coolest, quirky personal style, she also dares to share a lot of her personal life on instagram. #respect. Her 1.2 million fans obviously appreciate her for it too and rightly so!

5. CNtraveler

This is the account to follow for everyone with a love for “boutique travel”, if I may call it this way. From hotel snapshots with the coolest quirky interior, off the beaten path travel spots and much more, CNtraveler’s photos convince me day after day that I should take the next flight out to whatever the destination is.


6. Sofievalkiers

You’ll find this Belgian beauty in a new country literally every week (#bucketlist envy) and she also happens to have an amazing and super fun sense of style. Sofie doesn’t shy away from bright prints and I love her out of the box approach to fashion. Besides fashion and travel snapshots, another reason to follow her is her oh so cute cat Bobbe (check him out here, ADORABLE).

7. Iamgalla

I didn’t think I’d get inspired by menswear blogs until I came across Adam’s instagram account. It’s SO good! I’m not sure what I love more, his personal style or the coolest travel shots and stories he shares.

Oh, and as we’re talking about Instagram anyway, you can find me on @fashioncontainer. Tell me, what’s your favourite Instagram account to follow?


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