6 Things To Do in Paris

I’m pretty sure that just about anyone can sum up at least 5 things to do in Paris. It’s such an iconic city after all. While we’re not going to skip on the classics, we’re doing things with a little different touch. Explore Paris with us!

1. Wander along the Seine
Paris is one of those cities you’ll enjoy without even trying. I do have to say that nice weather helps too. The Seine river runs through the middle of Paris and is a beautiful walking route to explore the the city. We made our way from the Louvre to the river side and then continued walking to Notre Dame. Along the river side you find many vintage book stands, cute souvenirs and you pass by famous icons such as Pont des arts (also known as the love lock bridge). From the river side, you also have some great perspectives on the Notre Dame, photo opportunity! Whenever you get tired of wandering, simply stop at one of the many river side café’s for a coffee. Be aware of crazy prices though, a cappuccino costs a mere 6 euros in this area.


2. Picnic at the Eiffel tower
There’s so much more to do at the Eiffel tower than taking the ultimate selfie and climbing to the top. Surrounded by a beautiful park, this is the spot to bring a picnic, enjoy a bottle of wine and chill out with the best backdrop you can imagine. When you’re done chilling, don’t forget to go for a carrousel ride. Who says these things are for children anyway?!


3. Explore panoramic views in Montmartre
The Montmartre neighborhood feels like a walk back in to time. If you explore beyond the main tourist areas, at least. Icon in the Montmartre neighbourhood is Sacre Coeur, which ofcourse can’t be missed. It’s a little uphill walk, but both the church and view you have over Paris are more than worth it. We had drinks at Le Tres Particulier tucked away in the hills of Montmartre one night and the view from there over Paris and the Eiffel Tower was magical. Cobble stone streets, cute café’s and bars, exploring Montmartre is a must.


4. Le Marais historic district
The historic district beyond the Notre Dame is rather undiscovered, the more reason to love it if you ask us. This area is a melting pot of many different communities, the Jewish and Chinese to name a few. There are many architectural gems, cool bars, great food and vintage stores to explore.


5. Champs-Élysées sunset

There’s nothing more magical then walking on the Champs-Élysées at sunset while the orange light peeks through the Arc de Triomphe. We’re going to spill a little secret here for the best photo perspective! Go the pedestrian crossing nearest to the Triomphe, then walk to the middle. There you have a little spot on the road where no cars come and you can grab the perfect shot without risking your life. You can check it out a video here on @fashioncontainer Instagram how it’s done.


6. Louvre and beyond
That you have to visit the Louvre while in Paris is a fact. But truth is that the building is impressive on the outside as well. Exploring is a must! The Tuilleries Gardens are just across from the square, where you can buy some delicious Frech pastries or a cup of coffee to enjoy in the gardens.


Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn
Location: Paris, France

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